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Durango is no place for hate

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Durango is no place for hate

You’ve probably seen stickers with the image of a stop sign on the doors of businesses in Durango, Colorado telling you to discriminate. You’ll notice those stickers are not on the windows of the businesses owned by the people who created those stickers

If you’re offended or saddened by the image that sticker creates, let the employees or businesses owners know. It’s not hard to see that a business will loose customers from a destructive image.If panhandlers were the problem it would have been a very easy fix, long ago.

If you want to look into the issues its pretty clear and it’s in the history books. The geographical location alone attracts the issue and is also what people love about Durango. From the geographical location alone you can see why from a low functioning high schoolers perspective the college here looks attractive. 15 years ago the talk by high schoolers in Denver Colorado was Fort Lewis was the school to go to do drugs. The standards were low and it was easy to get into. Oddly enough the professors even encouraged drug use.

Low functioning high schoolers will benefit from Durango, Durango is enlightening.Low functioning high schoolers have issues and they bring the issues with them, the also have egos and it’s likely if they had issues they created their issues through their actions. If you have ever tried to report a serious issue in Durango you know if you go to the police station here you have to call a cop from the station and you’ll pop up in the herald if you call. That filter, probably to keep them safe, needs some updating so people in Durango don’t feel like the cops don’t want to help. Drunk driving is dangerous, handing out DUI’s isn’t the only thing cops are required to do. Serious issues, like sexual assault, also need to be in the budget. The suicide rate in Durango was very high in 2016

Durango has been wrought with corruption. In the not to distant past people have been killed while trying to do the right thing in Durango

Go back in time further and it’s the image of the Wild West, unattractive to many at the time, now idolized

If your looking for a city the closest cities are ABQ, DEN and SLC

Be nice to each other

If you made that sticker you’ll probably see an increase in business if you change the sticker, remove distasteful stickers, and modify the articles the stickers link to.

Hate, discrimination, and attempted control are not part of a thought out plan to improve a culture, a business or a town. Have confidence as the immature attempts of authoritative behavior will fade, in long run hate makes love stronger

No matter what your perspective is, you can choose to support businesses that align with the perspective you connect with. You can walk past those businesses that take actions you despise or would take action against you or you can use their services or products and invest the money or energy you save in the impact you believe in. If you wouldn’t want a business consultant as your manager, think twice before hiring them to help you

Interdependence is powerful. Teams of people get stuff done and learning to lead teams of people to achieve the result you desire will help you greatly. Rather then fearing a corporation, start one. A common illusion is that you, as the individual have to do everything and spend all your time managing your business. Learning to create an ecosystem, pull yourself out of direct oversight of that ecosystem and guiding that ecosystem to voice your perspective will help you in many ways. By empowering, teaching and respecting your employees, rather than using them, you will find life gets easier and so does your dependence on money

Improving businesses in Durango does not mean charging the most in town or creating unnecessary rules and regulations. If your employer thinks they own you, we suggest you find a different place to work with

And of course if what you experienced was illegal report it to the police