Panhandling Problem in Durango

A quick little metaphor to help with the problem

From our perspective you have to be struggling yourself to be mean to people that are suffering

If it makes you cringe when you see someone give to a panhandler, think about the good old days. Wipe that white stuff off your nose and realize that what you did at those parties years ago supported the issues plaguing that homeless person far more than that person handing them change

Still cringing? We don’t care what you do, we want the best for everyone and they say you can’t. So check your nose again, it looks like you missed a spot and give that miserable homeless person some food

Still cringing? Go see a therapist, mention you have issues with control and you are impulsive, probably why you used that white stuff years ago. Don’t take the drugs the therapist pushes on you and figure out your issues

It looks like your nose is burning now. You probably want to stand in the shade for a while

It will get better

Life gets easier

Life must be miserable for those who are constantly thinking competitive, mean things about people who are suffering. If a person needs help, help them

Everybody gets it eventually and its tough to see people who don’t get it

Speak up

Helping people directly helps to improve businesses and the quality of life in Durango

Teams of people make an impact

Hate has no place here

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