Living Wage in Durango, Colorado


Whether you live in historic Downtown Durango, or you live elsewhere in La Plata county you’ve seen the inflation.

Stop raising minimum wage and work with businesses that pay more than minimum wage

Basic economics shows that if you put more money in a system, you decrease the value of money and create inflation. By raising the minimum wage for all you decrease the overall value of money, creating inflation. Just as a business chooses their rate of pay regardless of what the minimum wage is, you get to choose if you want to work with the business or support them by using their services

Buy the bumper sticker “Stop Working for Minimum Wage”


Being rich has nothing to do with money

Durango teaches this well

We don’t want trails with curfews or parking lots that charge

Prices for long term rentals have dramatically increased in the last few years. In addition to the inflation that has occurred there are groups trying to get low income residents out of Durango, Colorado. Those groups are also trying to develop on our favorite trails and rivers

Money is a low priority for most locals

Be weary of giving to charities that give a very small percentagevery small percentage of your donation to the cause they represent and Invest Personally in those in your life